I believe that one day, you’ll

walk through the door and take me

in your arms and we’ll embrace.

What happened a year ago

was a major obstacle

flung in our path to wedded

bliss. What happened yesterday

was only a small setback.

I knew that as I sat by

your hospital bed and we

laughed and talked. You dozed

from time to time but

wouldn’t admit you slept. I tried to kiss you but

my lips couldn’t reach yours through

the side rail. You reached out

and stroked my hair and told me

not to worry. So as I

did last year, I’ll lead my lone

existence. I’ll get up in

the morning and make breakfast

for one instead of two,

go about my day, making

time to visit you when I

can, thinking of you all the

while, go to sleep

in my lonely bed, knowing

you’ll soon be lying next

to me. I believe that

some day, you’ll walk through the door,

take me in your arms, and hold

me. I’ll live for that day.