Short Stories

by Abbie Johnson Taylor

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The following are fictional stories by Abbie Johnson Taylor:

FRENCH SILK PIE - After her husband suffers a stroke, a writer finds more than she bargained for.

LEAVING - When Sally's husband leaves her for another woman, she finds a way out.

DREAM CLOSET - A dream could foreshadow things to come.

WHEN TWO NORTH DAKOTA NORWEGIANS WATER COLOR - An elderly couple argues over spilled paint.

AFTER THE WEDDING PAWN - A groom loses his wedding ring at the last minute when his alcoholic brother pawns it.

IN THE MOMENT - When a college student has a bad dream after breaking up with her boyfriend, she tries to keep the event in the dream from happening for real.

VISITATION - A girl encounters her father's ghost on a New York City bus.

JUST MY LUCK - After being laid off from her job and discovering her husband is being unfaithful, a woman finds true love with two other men.

MY ZOO STORY - A college freshman acts out a scenario from a play with drastic results.

HER FIRST TURKEY -A visually impaired woman vows to learn how to cook a Thanksgiving meal when her mother-in-law disapproves of a ready made meal from a local market.

QUALITY FAMILY TIME -A busy lawyer decides to spend more time with his family.

CHILD PSYCHOLOGY -A mother realizes that spanking isn't always the correct disciplinary measure.

AMAZING GRACE -A dying woman hears her granddaughter sing her favorite song for the last time.

THE CIGARETTES  -A man's wife discovers his secret habit.

DINNER WITH THE JOHNSONS  -A man learns to appreciate his wife.

MICHELLE  -A young woman meets her father for the first time on Christmas Eve.

PREGNANT -A teen-aged girl fights back when her English teacher won't allow her to use that word in an essay she's writing about John Steinbeck's book THE GRAPES OF WRATH.

WELCOME TO WYOMING -A college graduate living in Colorado accidentally finds a job in Wyoming.

SECOND OPINION -You are told that you will die when you go to sleep tonight.

GLOVES -She escapes, only to end up stranded in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere.

ATTEMPTED ABDUCTION -A woman who thinks her child was almost abducted learns the sad truth about the supposed kidnapper.

THE FLOWER BOY -A bully is put in his place.

THE WATCHER -An elderly woman with a visual impairment decides she no longer needs to be in a nursing home, and her granddaughter agrees.

A SERIAL MIRACLE  -After losing her son to sudden infant death syndrome, a woman finds a baby in an unexpected place.

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The following are non-fiction stories by Abbie Johnson Taylor

MOTHER'S SECRET Years after my mother's death, I discovered a suspicion I had about her was correct.

COMING TO MY SENSES  This is a review of a book by Pam Rice about an elderly woman with macular degeneration who comes to terms with her visual impairment.

MR. SMITH'S MISTAKE  A teacher who once threatened me with corporal punishment later saw the error of his ways.


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